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The Alakazam Magic Club welcomes anyone with a genuine interest in magic to join us. The aim of AMC is to provide a friendly place where magicians of all levels can come, hang out, learn and teach. 


1. You must be over 16 to join the club. 


2. Members must have a genuine interest in magic and may be asked to perform a trick if needed to.


3. On your first attendance members will be asked to pay a yearly subscription fee of £40 which is due every January. On top of which lectures will be an additional £5 for members - £10 for non-members. As well as becoming a member of Alakazam Magic Club you will then become a member of The Ashford Sports and Social Club where you can also use their facilities. You will be issued with a white card for Ashford Sports and Social Club if this is lost the fee is £4.00 for a replacement card. Renewals are £35.00 if however your subscription has lapsed for over a year you will be required to rejoin at the full fee of £40.00. Please note you can only use the clubs facilities including attending unofficial club nights if you are an up to date full member. 


4. Members must promise not to reveal the secrets and principles of magic to any persons other than fellow magicians. Magic etiquette must be adhered to at all times.


5. Members must also promise not to copy and use any other magicians original effects, acts, routines or presentations without their permission.


A full list of T&Cs will be available from the club.

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